If you are due a baby soon, you’ll want to spend some time getting together some essentials which will take you through those first few precious months. Whether this is your first baby or if you are adding to your current family, it’s a good idea to make a list of the things you’ll need as it can be easy to get overwhelmed, particularly as your due date gets closer. Here are just a few essentials you’ll need when your bundle of joy arrives in the world.

Along with nappies, having a good selection of baby clothes ready to go is a must. It’s a good idea to buy more than one size, as your new baby might not fit into those ‘newborn’ clothes for a long time. Think about having a good selection of vests, babygrows and sleepsuits to hand, as well as a couple of cardigans to keep them cosy and warm.

However, if you choose to feed your baby, having a few basics to get started will take the pressure off. A selection of muslin clothes will be invaluable If you are breastfeeding, along with comfy nursing bras and clothes for mum. If you are bottle-feeding, you will need some newborn baby bottles, a steriliser and, of course, some formula milk. A nursing pillow can also be a great help, mainly when feeds can go on for some time! They will help support the baby and can save you from sore arms.

Your new baby will also need a safe place to sleep. A Moses basket or crib is an excellent primary option and is the right size for a newborn. Your baby will need to be in the same room as you for the first six months, so choose a cot, co-sleeper cot or crib that will fit into your bedroom. If you are unsure where your baby should be sleeping, just ask your health professional, who will be happy to help. Your baby will also need some sheets and some breathable soft blankets, such as an organic baby blanket or cellular blanket.

While your baby won’t need to be bathed every day in the first couple of weeks (use a ‘top-to-tail’ bowl and some cotton wool instead of a bath), it’s a good idea to have a baby bath or bath support ready to go. There are a wide variety of baths to choose from, and you can also buy lots of lovely baby body washes to keep your little one smelling sweet. A soft and fluffy towel is also a good idea to ensure your baby stays snuggly and warm afterwards (babies can get cold once out of the warm water).

Getting out and about with your new baby once you are ready is always. A pram or stroller suitable for newborns is a perfect choice, as it will ensure that your baby can lie flat. A sling or baby carrier is also a great idea; it holds your baby close to you, which they will love and keeps your hands free. You’ll also need a nappy changing bag that can fit in plenty of nappies, wipes, and a change of clothes (just in case!). These can also be combined with travel systems, so you can seamlessly go from car to park without disturbing any precious baby’s sleep.

While your baby may not be able to ‘play’ at just a few weeks old, your baby will love to look at black and white patterns and shapes, so a few simple baby toys are nice to have in the house and help them with early development. A play mat can also be helpful, giving them a safe space to wiggle and have some ‘tummy time’.

Take time to look after yourself and ensure that you have plenty of good nutritious food (as well as some well-earned take-aways!). Lastly, treat yourself to some little luxuries such as a nice bath soak, soft, warm slippers or indulgent chocolates to enjoy while your baby is asleep or with another loved one. A happy parent or guardian means a happy baby.